Our devotion is to profitable women-led companies that employ.


At Ajoy, we believe financial management doesn't have to be a hassle. With the right support, you can be profitable - whether you're just starting out in business or a seasoned professional.

If you are serious about financial freedom - willing to take a hard look at your money; willing to spend on things that will propel you forward; and willing to learn better management of what you already have; you’ll benefit from our customized advice, technical support and tools that meet your specific needs and lifestyle.

Our packaged services include support in tax compliance, planning for capital, creditworthiness, cash flow management, bookkeeping, financial reporting, payroll set-up, personal budgeting, and more, with a specific focus on PROFITABILITY.

It's all about having a specialist on your side that stays one step ahead. If your accounting or tax matters have gone awry, we'll set you on the right track. If you're already headed in the right direction, we’ll help you build a stronger business.


At Ajoy, we're in the business of helping you manage your business finances - from goals to growth.


Our Mission

Ajoy’s vision of shared prosperity for clients and community is what drives our core commitment to service.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for women-led companies that employ, achieving economic equality.

Our Guarantee

Ajoy strives for timeliness and accuracy to add value to your business with joy! You’ll have the assurance of knowing that we got your back and we'll deliver on our promise. We make sure our clients are able to rest well at night knowing their financial matters are handled.


Our Services

Ajoy enables small business owners to plan for growth and stay out of tax trouble. Small businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from individualized attention supported by Ajoy’s portfolio of accounting solutions which includes bookkeeping, payroll, and tax return preparation.

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Ajoy is located in the heart of Harlem, providing financial and business management services for clients across the country.


“Tuesday has literally saved my life a couple of times, first in setting up an accounting system for my new business, making sense out of chaos and getting everything working smoothly and then, a few years later, to help organize my finances, do the bookkeeping and make recommendation for systems that will make things work more efficiently in the future. She’s smart, knowledgeable and reliable and I highly recommend her.”

- Ayesha P.

“Suprisingly team Ajoy literally makes it fun. They’re light-hearted , spirited and good-natured people. That combined with taxes feels like it shouldn’t go together but when they do it’s the best thing ever!”

- Christina L.

“The staff has been fantastic at communication and patient with me.”

- Roslyn M.

“Ajoy makes my accounting information accessible and understandable.”

- Alena S.