Internship Opportunities

Learning doesn't just take place in the classroom - participating in internships can provide students the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge as well as be beneficial to employers in their day to day business. 

At Ajoy Management Enterprise, we're big fans of internships as a means of entering the workforce. Students intern with us as a way of applying their classroom learning in a professional environment, gaining exposure to the accounting field, establishing critical networking connections and gaining work experience all while having fun! 

Intern Benefits:

  • Provide students with real-world experience within the work environment

  • Enables students to develop important administrative skills that cannot be taught in a classroom setting

  • Enables a young adult to compare theoretical ideas learned in the classroom with the world of work regarding technical and administrative experiences

Why Have Interns?

  • Increases organization productivity

  • Gain an early start on employee training

  • It is a cost-effective recruitment mechanism.

  • Interns provide an opportunity for current staff to learn management skills.

Workforce Development Agencies

NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD)

Ecumenical Community Development Organization (ECDO)

Urban Youth Jobs/New York Youth Jobs Program