Do It Yourself, Right

Do It Yourself, Right

The business advisory service by Ajoy.

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It’s been noted that the DIY movement has been a consumer-connected school of thought dating as far back as 1912, interestingly though, it wasn’t actually until the 1950’s that the phrase “do it yourself” would come into common English use, and even then it would be another 20 years before this philosophy would be globalized (thanks in large to the alt-rock/punk culture of the 1970’s). In a world where everyone seems to be affected by the ethics of DIY, one must beg the question of what it really means to “do it yourself”… we at Ajoy dared to answer.

In case you are not familiar with the business of Ajoy, here is a little background on the company; Ajoy Management Enterprise was founded in January 2009 by one Ms. Tuesday Brooks. The mission is simple- to support good financial health for aspired entrepreneurs. After ten years of dedicated service and unfailing support for small business owners near and far, the driving force that has kept this company afloat is none other than the power of JOY. (Anyone who has successfully made it even to the five year mark can attest to the value of this power.) You can find out more about Ajoy by visiting

Small businesses are beautiful by design. They are vital to the success of the economy, however, one tough truth is that too often they fail because they struggle in managing their own ($$$). Part of the reason for this is pretty simple- they’re a small business!! As we’ve seen most notably in larger corporations (especially in retail), we know that it can be quite difficult to respond to a quick shift in the market without a major unexpected cost, adapt to the most advanced and reliable technology without taking a hit (hopefully temporarily, if at all) to quarterly profits, or effectively restructure a department or division of responsibility without sacrificing the talent of valued team members. As you may already know, most small businesses don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to toss at a new marketing campaign, and they certainly don’t have enough employees to soften the blow of a downsize in staff. The odds are almost always stacked against them. What makes them beautiful you ask? Their grit. Their tenacity. Their ferocity. Also, let’s not forget about their [insert your favorite adjective to describe how insanely courageous small business people are]! Small businesses look beyond the mess that exists around them and they charge ahead, relentlessly pressing towards the mark of solution, and that, inherently, is a remarkably beautiful thing.

Many entrepreneurs develop their ideas from epiphany, or creatively inspired solutions to common issues, but where things usually get tough and impractical for small business ventures is in the method behind their mission. Somewhere along the way they find themselves struggling to make space for the production of whatever it is they intend to sell because they are focused on everything but. For example, a fashion designer might flop on a highly anticipated collection because they spent too much time building hype on Instagram instead of finecombing the details of their sketches, or a comedian might slip out of demand because they spent too much time in cars getting coffee and not enough time writing new material. Any entrepreneur may have a great business theory, but lack sufficiency in practice because their focus is too far removed from the fundamental functions of their mission, whether it be to design fashion, generate laughs, or literally anything else that requires skill. You see, the crazy thing about entrepreneurs and (specifically) small business owners is that sometimes, we tend to make the same mistakes in each new venture- we embrace this foolish idea that every part of what makes our business successful is our direct responsibility. In other words, we mistakenly think that to “do it yourself” means to do it alone. And that’s what brings us to the real reason we’re here today, with an exciting solution to your business woes.

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DIYR is a revolutionary tool for small businesses because it disproves the theory that in order to make smart decisions about your business finances you have to be up all night every night re-reviewing your books, stressing over payroll and crying about the untold future of the tax code. With DIYR, you get to focus on what you do best, and leverage your access to experts when it comes to devising a plan for the finances of your business. And that my friends, that is how you do it yourself, right.

This service was designed for small businesses with the hunch that most of us could benefit from affordable advisory services for business finances. It sounded like a good idea and it felt right, so we took the next step in legitimizing our gut feeling- we did the research and found out that as many as 3.9 million small business owners are out there right now, facing the challenges of financial uncertainty. Truth is, too many of us fail in our efforts to sustain our endeavors because we place too much of our focus in areas where we don’t have expertise. Remove yourself from the narrative of uncertainty right now- gain access to experts who are here to help you make the most informed decisions in the most convenient and effective manners available.

Honestly, it’s 2019. After more than a hundred years of a poorly defined DIY ethic, it’s time for you to rise above, and DIYR.

For more information about DIYR, the affordable business advisory service provided by Ajoy Management Enterprise, please visit

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